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Growing Our Commitment to Caring and Community


Growing Our Commitment to Caring and Community

Our Peterborough Unitarian Universalist congregation is growing and thriving! Both new and long-time members are committed to supporting and creating our many ministries, serving our congregation, each other, and the wider community. This stewardship season is a chance to sustain this vibrant congregation’s well-being while investing in its growth as a caring and connected community. Commitment is never giving up on growing our community!

For details about our accomplishments and plans for the future, read our stewardship brochure pdf.



Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of your PUUC Governing Board, I wish to thank each and every one for your past, current, and future commitment to growing and sustaining our caring community and the greater Monadnock community. Each year we grow both individually and as a congregation that cares about our greater community. Thank YOU for all that you do!

Our congregation is in a very good place as we refresh our priorities post Covid, with the guidance and support of our professional minister, Rev. Lane. 

By the time our 2024-25 year begins in July, we will have deeply listened to each other to better understand “Who Are We? Who Do We Aspire to Be? And What Are the Values that support our congregation as we go forward?” This will provide us the foundation we need for success in tackling congregational priorities: refreshing our Covenant of Right Relations to guide our engagement with one another, determining our commitment to supporting young families, and, in light of this work, deciding by what name we wish to call ourselves.

To continue growing as a congregation, we will always need the time, talents, and treasure of each member and friend in whatever way you are called to serve. This year the Finance Committee and the Governing Board set a goal of a 10% increase in our stewardship campaign. Much of this increase is to sustain our current work in a time of inflation and to practice our values as an employer. To address the loss of revenue in 2028 from the mortgage on the former parsonage, we will gradually increase our collective pledges over the next four years. 

Please join us by submitting your pledge by April 14by mail, in the Sunday collection basket, or this year make a pledge online at Https://

With gratitude for all you give to growing our caring community,

Mary Vallier-Kaplan
President, PUUC Governing Board

First, make your pledge by filling in your pledge card and returning it by mail, in the collection basket, or in person. You can also pledge online at Make Your Pledge for 2024-25.
Payment toward your pledge can be made by check or cash, in the collection baskets, or by mailing to PUUC, 25 Main Street, Peterborough NH 03458. Please be sure to write "Pledge 2024-25" in the memo line.
Pledge payments can be made online by credit card at Making a Payment Toward Your Pledge. Be aware that a 3% credit card transaction fee will be added at checkout.