Social Justice at PUUC

Vision: We envision a sustainable and loving world in which all live equally with justice, dignity and compassion.

Mission: To foster a more just, equitable, and sustainable world through advocacy, education, support and service in collaboration with the wider community.

In 2021, the PUUC Social Justice Committee formed subcommittees for each of its three areas of focus

Monthly plate collections

With area community suppers (including our own) shut down due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Task Force recommended that the service fund portion of the endowment match the plate collections taken each month as “Special Collections.”  The membership agreed to a match of up to 5% annually. Some recipients for the 2020-2021 Church year were:

End 68 Hours of Hunger

Shelter from the Storm and MATS

Peterborough Food Pantry

UU Action Network

Community Meals to Go

Project Home

Touchstone Farm



Take Part

In 2021, the PUUC Social Justice Committee participated in:

  • Weekly BLM Vigils, held every Saturday from 12 – 1 alongside roads in Peterborough.
  • Climate action thru supporting “PEA” Peterborough Energy Action;, discussed and began research into reducing plastics …
  • Immigration and Refugee action thru supporting Keene’s Project Home, the ACLU-NH, UU Action Network NH’s Bail and Bond Fund …
  • Food Security thru supporting local food banks, area shelters, Community Meals to Go (a Town of Peterborough initiative), the Monadnock Hunger Walk …
  • Vote Forward letter writing to increase voter turnout in contested states.
  • Amnesty International letter writing to urge release of political prisoners world wide.
  • A member of the committee donated “We Believe” lawn signs which church members picked up and put outside their houses.


Joy Flemming, Chair; Lane Fisher, Minister; Susan Copley, Jane Eckert, Anne Fischer, David Flemming, Julie Flood Page, Jonathan Gourlay, Anne Huberman, Joel Huberman, Tim Riley, John Richards, Dwight Schenk, Susan Stanbury, Mary Vallier-Kaplan, Elsa Voelcker, Chase Wilson Roeper