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Social Activities

The people that makeup PUUC enjoy many social activities together throughout the year. The building is officially reopened after being closed during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact the Administrator with any questions or sign up for our weekly newsletter, which announces our community events and happenings. 

Just a few of our regular social gatherings:

Each Sunday our service is followed by Community Hour when congregants gather in the Parish Hall for coffee, tea, juice, and various snacks. Children who have been in Sunday school classes rejoin their parents. Everybody catches up with friends, new visitors are welcomed, and many topics, such as the sermon, are discussed. Sign-up sheets for all manner of activities, such as rummage volunteers or Circle Suppers, might be circulated.

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we hold our annual Harvest Dinner. The menu is based around turkeys locally grown and free-range; and some members even get up as early as 4 a.m. to get the birds into our kitchen ovens. Everyone attending contributes delicious traditional sides and desserts. The dining room is filled to capacity with singles and families, and everyone goes home stuffed and happy, nourished by the food and the good company.  

Circle Suppers: These suppers are held in the private homes of those who have offered to host. They are held a few times a year, often on Friday and Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoon. Attendees sign up to attend one and are matched up with hosts, creating groups of six to ten for each home. The host coordinates with attendees about menu contributions, with the host often providing the main dish, and each attendee contributing a dish. These dinners are a great way to get to know fellow members and friends better, with wide-ranging conversations around the table. Circle suppers are an example of the strong connections built in our congregation.

Other social events occur throughout every year. They might be a fundraiser such as an auction evening or chili cook-off, or a Sides and Slides, game night, or sixties dance party, a barbecue, etc.