Social Activities

We are a very social group, and activities usually center around food.

First and foremost, Sunday service is usually followed by Community Hour, when congregants gather in the Parish Hall for coffee, tea, juice, and various edibles. Children who have been in Sunday school classes rejoin their parents. Everybody catches up with old friends, new visitors are welcomed, and many topics, such as the sermon, are discussed. Sign up sheets for all manner of activities, such as Rummage volunteers or Circle Suppers, are circulated when needed.

Our Harvest Dinner occurs on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This is one of the few times that Community Hour is preempted. The Harvest Dinner menu is based, of course, around several roasted turkeys, for which some members have gotten up as early as 4 am to get into the ovens. We now buy locally grown, free-range turkeys for this dinner. The rest of the menu is fill out by potluck contributions from everybody attending. The dining room is filled to capacity, and everyone goes home stuffed.

Another congregation favorite are Circle Suppers. These suppers are potlucks held over the span of one weekend in the private homes of those who have offered to host. Several times a year one member with collect names of those who wish to attend a supper and those who offer to host, either Friday or Saturday evening, or Sunday afternoon. Attendees are matched up with hosts, creating groups of six to ten for each supper; the host coordinates with attendees about menu contributions. We have found these dinners a great way to get to know fellow members better, more in depth, and we have wonderful conversations. Circle suppers are a big part of the strong connective tissue in the congregation.

Several other recurring events, which are primarily fundraisers, have also offered a large dose of social activity and food consumption, such as game nights sponsored by the youth, Barbecue and Blues, British Tea, Wine Tasting, and Chili Cook Off.

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