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The church was designed by Boston architect Asher Benjamin in the Charles Bulfinch style.  Supposedly, the plans came from a church designed for Lancaster MA that was never built.

The king post or center support is a 12” X 18” truss.  Originally the foundation was wood, but it was replaced.

The sunbursts fans over windows represent an exultation of joy.  Greek Iconic columns, honeycomb molding, wave patterns are based on Egyptian columns that were originally made from wreaths.

Originally, there was no recess behind the pulpit. “Trompe l’oeil (Trick of the eye) was used to give the appearance of depth, showing two “statues” of St John and St. Peter on the left and right. The pulpit was in the middle with the appearance of sculpture in back of it. The frescos were done by Walburg of Boston.

The sounding board above pulpit was added in 1896.  Such a device is unique to New England and one of only 15 remaining. 

The top of the pews is mahogany.

The window glass is original glass existing since 1825.

The table in front of the pulpit was donated by the church women in 1908 and was originally used for communion.