FAQs for Ticket Buyers





Q. I prefer to make my own reservations, can't you just give me the $5000?

A. Unfortunately not. Government rules do not permit us to award cash prizes. Therefore, PUUC or its representatives must make the reservations and pay the vendors directly. We will work with you to try and accommodate your preferences.


Q. Can my international round-trip flights originate in another country than the U.S.A.?

A. Yes, the flights can originate from anywhere in the world.


Q. Can my 2 round-trip tickets originate from separate cities in the U.S.A. to the same destination?

A. Yes, the flights can be from two different cities.


Q. What happens if where I want to go costs more than $5,000?

A. The good news is that we can pay up to $5,000 and you would just have to pay the remainder.


Q. Can a raffle-winning visit somewhere be extended before going home home on a raffle-purchased “return flight”? If the expenses of the flight, hotel, dinner/s add up to less than $5,000, can the winner request reimbursement for extending their stay?

A. YES, the winner can stay as long as they like. Or fly into one city and return from somewhere else. But NO; we only provide 2 nights lodging.


Q. Can a winning ticket be transferred to someone else? For example, I’ll buy tickets in my own name, but on the unlikely chance we win, we’d probably give it to some deserving friend or relative.

A. Yes, you can do that.


Q. Can a ticket be purchased in the name of someone (grandkids!) who are 18, or do they need to be 21 (or some other age)?

A. The purchaser must be 21 years or older (name on the ticket), but the prize can be assigned to someone else, younger.


Q. What about giving tickets to our relatives in the UK (or other foreign country) for raffle-purchased travel to a different, non U.S. country?

A. Perfectly fine.