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Sun 10/22 10:15am Rev. Dawn Fortune
"We're Not Done: Continuing the Work of Dismantling White Supremacy"

October 22: "We're Not Done: Continuing the Work of Dismantling White Supremacy"
Rev. Dawn Fortune
Rev. Fortune returns with a follow-up sermon to the one they offered this spring. Racial Justice is not a thing with an end date; it is not a box to be checked, a task to be completed and then forgotten as we move on to the next important matter. White supremacy is the culture on which our nation was founded and it lingers still in the air we breathe. In the past month, white children here in New Hampshire put a noose around the neck of a classmate...

Sun 10/29 10:15am Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance

October 29: Service of Remembrance
Worship Committee
Join us for this annual service in which we remember those loved ones we have lost.

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