Upcoming Services
Sun 2/26 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Worship led by the Firehouse Band from First Church Littleton, MA
Past Services
Date Media
2/19/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Wearing Our Hearts on Our Sleeves: T-Shirt Sunday
2/12/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: What Are Our Hearts' Desires?
2/5/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Self-Care in a World on Fire
1/29/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: False Prophets Condemned
1/22/17 Hutch Hutchinson
Layperson led sermon
1/15/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: The Prophetic King
1/8/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Playing into our Future
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12/25/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Christmas Day Service
12/24/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
12/18/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Winter Pageant
12/11/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Presents and Presence
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12/4/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Present to Standing Rock
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11/20/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Telling Our Stories
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11/13/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Writing the Next chapter
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11/6/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Thanksgiving is a Verb
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10/30/16 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
10/23/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Rituals of Healing
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10/16/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Picking Up the Pieces
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10/9/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Healing Old Wounds
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10/2/16 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service
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9/25/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Defying Hate
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9/18/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Journeying Together
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9/11/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Gathered Here
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6/19/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Flower Communion
5/29/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: I Remember
5/22/16 Sermon "Fluent In Faith" by Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar
5/15/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: How Do We Spend Our Lives?
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5/8/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: On Bathrooms, Bullies and Brahmans
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5/1/16 Rev. Leaf Seligman
Sermon by Leif Seligman
4/17/16 Worship Committee
Sermon: Harmony, Healing and the Beauty Way
4/3/16 Gary Lerude
Sermon: A Meditation on Spirituality
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3/27/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Resurrecting Hope
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3/20/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Guerilla Theatre at the Gates of Jerusalem
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3/13/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Music Sunday
3/6/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
"The Goal of World Community"
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2/28/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: The Right of Conscience
2/21/16 Rev. Barbro Hansson
Sermon: Our Inner Compass
2/14/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Challenging a Fundamental Truth
2/7/16 Worship Committee
Tu B'shvat
1/31/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: A Pilgrim's Life
1/24/16 Social Justice Committee
Sermon: Black Lives Matter
1/17/16 Rev. Barbara Liscord
Sermon: Resistance
1/10/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Truth and Meaning Here
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12/27/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Pausing on the Forming Edge
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12/24/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service